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Our Mission, Vision and Values



We are very proud of being a venture that offers our guests a high quality and friendly service. Located in a splendid place, suitable for the most demanding travelers who prefer not to stay in a hotel, but somewhere different when they visit the Iguazú Falls.


Friends of the environment, we respect and take care of the surroundings, combining the comfort of the facilities with the direct contact with nature in a zone that preserves the native vegetation of our Paraná Rainforest.



Establishing Posada del Chamán Iguazú, as an exclusive and mythical lodging in the area, where the cordiality and the level of the service encourage its guests to come back and recommend it to family and friends.


A continuous improvement in search of excellence highlights our expecta-tions and those of our guests. We focus in a framework of profitability and sustainable growth.



Our actions are based in the following values:


  • Warmth, friendliness, and altruism.

  • Commitment and service.

  • Ethics and creativity.

  • Respect and appreciation of the natural rainforest environment.

  • Innovation and integration of new sustainable architecture technologies.

Posada del Chamán Guesthouse | Su alojamiento en Puerto Iguazú

The Story

“…Well, I will tell you the story of a remarkable person who lived many, many years in Latin America seeking shamans or knowledgeable men. He travelled through Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, where he lived and spent time with native people from different communities and races.


During that time, in all those places, he helped many people who needed healing, always in an altruistic manner and enjoying the process.


He stayed in Iguazú for about three years. He built his house together with his young wife in a wonderful place with magnificent fruit trees, near Mobororé (Indigenous Guaraní settlement), and he called it “Quinta el Chamán”. The contact with the Guaraní people was gratifying. He met there the famous Grandpa, a loved and respected shaman from the Guaraní community living in the 600 hectares in Iguazú.


During this time he visited Grandpa countless times. The shaman accepted him as a weird gringo partner who said awkward things, but in the end they got on very well. He joined him in his healing practices with Guaraní people from neighboring communities. Sometimes, they would travel up to 6 kilometers across the jungle.


From those trips he learned a lot about procedures that Grandpa used with his patients. He would learn from him those techniques that he would practice repeatedly with his patients. During almost thirty years, on and off, he enjoyed the company of the indigenous people who felt like family to him, and sometimes many of the non indigenous people that lived with him didn’t even know about his adventures, that’s how he was, he was always helping people in general and nobody would know it.


Currently, after many years and endless kilometers travelled, he has gone back to his home country, to do what he likes best, to keep helping people to heal and to heal themselves in a healing center called “Sanaconsciencia”, where he takes care of many people with health issues, in his usual altruistic way .


He lives happily with his wife, who has been with him always, unconditionally helping him in everything he needed, including the hard construction work in the wonderful places that both of them built and always remembering and being lovingly grateful to all those people they met in their journey, both those who helped them and those who harmed them, because from them he learnt the most.






“I’m not a shaman but that is what I’d like to be when I get older…

and we named it thinking in calling the attention of all those shamans

or people interested somehow in that world”


Tu mejor opción en Alojamiento en Puerto Iguazú - Tu Casa de estadía
Tu mejor opción en Alojamiento en Puerto Iguazú - Tu Casa de estadía
Tu mejor opción en Alojamiento en Puerto Iguazú - Tu Casa de estadía
Tu mejor opción en Alojamiento en Puerto Iguazú - Tu Casa de estadía
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